Why Dough Go’s?

The steps we take in the production process guarantees consistancy and quality in every batch. Each batch is carefully scaled to the specifications set by our decade + production standards.  We immediately place the dough in a sub-zero freezer, which eliminates the chance for the dough to rise. The flash freezing process locks in the freshness and stops the yeasts’ activation.

When our customers thaw the product, the yeast activates and the dough consistency is like dough that just came fresh from the mixer.

  • High quality ingredients sourced locally.
  • Consistent product.
  • Less hassle for you–simplifies your cooking/baking process!
  • Free delivery (must be in our NE Ohio delivery zone).
  • Nut Free Facility & our ingredients are sourced from Nut-Free companies as well!
  • Family owned & operated!
  • Our product doesn’t sit in a distributer’s warehouse freezer for months before your order it. We constantly make our dough fresh, which ultimately is what sets us apart from large wholesale/distributers!

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3 thoughts on “Why Dough Go’s?

  1. Do you make gluten free dough and if so is it made in a gluten free area. My daughter
    has a celiac allergy.

    1. Hi Carol, thank you for reaching out! We do not currently make any GF products. However, we are working on a GF recipe for our pizza dough. We hope to have it rolled out some time this school year, and it would be made in it’s own dedicated GF facility.

      1. That would be great. My daughter lives in another state but comes home several times to
        visit and does love pizza and finds it so hard to get a GF pizza or dough that is made in it’s
        own facility.Please let me know when you have this dough available. Also is there a certain amount one needs to buy as an individual. Thanks of answering.

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