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  1. Hi there, my name is Peggy Hysong and I am with Sandy Valley Local Schools. Our softball team does a Stromboli fundraiser every year and where we normally get our dough is closed. Can you contact me or give me a name of a contact person to discuss using your company for our fundraiser

    1. Hi Peggy! Emilee mentioned you may be reaching out. We would LOVE to supply you with dough. Our delivery driver, Jason, has 4 children that go to Sandy, so we will give you a family discount. 😉 What size dough do you normally purchase? Do you need the whole wheat that is approved for school nutrition, or are you able to use the white original? What is a number I can reach you at? Mine is (330) 209-2290 or email


  2. Could you please email a copy of your products and prices. We have ordered from you in the past through Hoover High School. We would like to place another order. Thanks. Christine

  3. Hi, I’d like to purchase some cookie dough. This is a personal order, I’m not with a school or business. I just love your cookies so gosh darn much, I need them to survive. Thank you

    1. Hi Julia! Haha, you made me laugh out loud—but I totally get it! I love our cookie dough as well. Send us what flavors you would like and I can get them ready for you to pick up next week. Email us over at and we can get everything figured out. Thank you!!!

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