McKinley Marching Band’s FUNDRAISER! Dough Go’s Pizza Kit – Everything you need for pizza night! Pick up 10/5/22 – 10/7/22 @ Dough Go’s


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Mckinley Marching Band

Thank you for supporting McKinley’s Marching Band fundraiser! 50% of each pizza kit sold will go directly to this club! Plus a kit will be donated to the Marching Band for every kit sold! They will distribute directly to those in need – contact the Band’s parent group with any requests for donation!

Pizza kits will be ready for pick up October 5th, 6th and 7th at the DG Marketplace, which is located at: 2655 Maret St. NE Canton, OH 44705.

PICK UP: October 5th or 6th from 10a-3p or on the 7th from 10a-6p.





The Dough Go’s Pizza kit has everything you need for pizza night! Packed into a super cute box, ready to take home — or drop to a friend for a nice gift!

  • 2 Dough Go’s Dough Balls
    • (1 – 18oz Original & 1 -18oz Whole Wheat)
  • Locally Sourced Cheese
  • Locally Sourced Pepperoni
  • Mid’s Pizza Sauce
  • Instructions for proofing/making/baking & recipe ideas!



The DG Marketplace is located at: 2655 Maret St. NE Canton, OH 44705


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